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CRM Features

Get the tools you need to manage your customer relationships and engage effectively with prospects and customers.


Reduce data entry

Automatically create leads from incoming mails and convert them to opportunities.

Lead scoring

Automatically score your leads based on custom rules and prioritize them.

Import leads

Import leads from CSV or Excel file with AccelGrid’s smart column matching tool.

Duplication detection

Easily merge duplicate leads when converting them to opportunities.

Assignation rules

Automatically assign leads to the right sales person or sales team based on custom rules.


Customize stages

Customize your pipeline by easily adding new stages and organize their sequence in your sales cycle using drag and drop.


Get a clear overview of your opportunity pipeline. Set up specific stages for each sales team and work faster with the drag and drop interface.  Automatically archive lost opportunities.

Schedule meetings

Schedule meetings with prospects and sync with google calendar.

Plan next actions

Schedule and track next actions for opportunities and view them directly in your pipeline.

Activities management

Schedule and log every activity immediately in the opportunity’s history with predefined actions. Track and analyse the activities of your team.

Lost reasons

Track and analyze reasons for losing deals to improve your sales and marketing initiatives.

Track emails

Send and receive emails directly from AccelGrid and automatically track them to the right opportunity.


Address book

Get a shared address book of contacts and companies.

Email templates

Setup custom email templates to deliver a consistent customer experience and save time.

Customer preferences

Set customer preferences including language, pricelist, delivery methods, financial data, etc.

Multiple address

Create and manage multiple invoice, shipping addresses per customer.



Use our predefined dashboard or build your own with the advanced reporting tool. Share reports with the team and save frequently used reports.

Leads analysis

Get insights into your leads including sources, campaigns and more.

Pipeline analysis

Analyse you pipeline with advanced filters, grouping and pivot tables.

Activities analysis

Analyze time spent by your sales team on various activities including emails, calls, meetings etc.