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MRP Features

Streamline manufacturing with the MRP software that lets you easily plan, schedule and track manufacturing orders with full inventory and resource visibility.

Production planning

Plan manufacturing

Plan manufacturing orders based on material and resource availability using an intuitive calendar.

Plan work orders

Schedule and assign work orders related to manufacturing orders.

Capacity planning

Get complete visibility of work center capacity and automatically schedule work at work centers based on OEE and capacity.


Manufacturing orders

Create and manage manufacturing orders. Automatically create manufacturing orders for make to order items based on confirmed sales orders. Automatically generate manufacturing orders for make to stock items using smart stock rules.

Work orders

Launch work orders for sub-assemblies automatically from manufacturing orders.

Repair orders

Create and manage repair orders for products under warranty or as a service.

Unbuild items

Disassemble faulty finished products into their BoM components to salvage re-usable items.

Master data

Bill of materials

Create and manage multi-level bill of materials. Easily view BoM structures along with the cost of each component.


Bundle components to be sold as a kit without any assembly.


Control the flow and sequence of execution for work orders by setting up routes in bill of materials.


Track changes to bill of materials.

Embed instructions

Embed instructions for each work center as a PDF file for easy access during production.

Quality control


Automatically trigger quality checks at various stages of production.


Configure custom quality checks and manage their status.


Preventive maintenance

Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on configurable frequency.

Corrective maintenance

Trigger corrective maintenance manually from the maintenance dashboard.

Maintenance schedule

View all planned maintenance activities in an intuitive calendar.


Get real-time maintenance statistics.



Analyze overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), work centers loads and productivity losses.


Get full upstream traceability report on the components used in a manufacturing order.

Cost analysis

View production cost based on the cost of components used and the cost of your operations.