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Benefits of wholesale distribution software for chemical supplies

As a chemicals distributor, you face several challenges, including pricing volatility, high inventory storage costs, and globalization that affect your profitability. The right chemical distribution software can help you optimize inventory performance and shorten supply chain lead times. AccelGrid’s wholesale distribution software for chemical supplies gives you the full range of functionalities you require to manage and grow your chemical distribution business. Get real-time visibility and control of inventory, purchase, orders, and more using AccelGrid’s seamlessly integrated ERP & CRM software for chemical distributors.


Automate warehouse operations

AccelGrid enables you to automatically reserve stock based on confirmed sales orders and replenish your inventory based on minimum stock rules to avoid stock-outs.

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Inventory Traceability

Fully traceable inventory

Get instant access to historical and real-time stock movements across products and warehouse locations. AccelGrid lets you trace inventory moves including batches and serial numbers with our industry-leading inventory tracking system.

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Demand forecasting

Data-driven demand forecasting

Unlock the power of reliable demand forecasting to avoid stock-outs and overstocking. AccelGrid harnesses the power of machine learning and proven statistical models to offer out-of-the-box demand forecasting to optimize your inventory.

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Trusted by distribution companies the world over

AccelGrid is the preferred all-in-one business management software for distributors


Sign in and work from anywhere. Your data and reports are always available, secure, and up to date.

Multiple devices

Works on any device

AccelGrid works on Mac or PC using a web browser. Stay connected with your business on-the-go using our mobile apps.

24 Hours Support

Awesome support

We provide friendly 24/7 customer support to help you make the most of AccelGrid.


Built to scale

Focus on growing your business using a platform that is designed and built to grow with your business.

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Fully integrated

Eliminate data re-entry or complex 3rd party integrations using AccelGrid’s all-in-one solution .



Easily configure AccelGrid to suit your business needs. Or choose our enterprise plan for a custom solution.

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Fully integrated wholesale distribution software for chemical supplies

Replace multiple software using AccelGrid's seamlessly integrated system and manage all your core business processes in one place.