Purchase management icon

Purchase management features

Streamline procurement with automated purchase requisitions, configurable workflows and total visibility into receipts.



Create and send requests for quotations to your suppliers.

Automate procurement

Automatically create draft RFQs based on minimum stock rules and product routes.

Purchase agreements

Create purchase agreements / blanket orders to allow multiple deliveries over a period of time based on fixed pricing.

Call for tenders

Send RFQs to multiple vendors at once and shortlist offers based on pricing and lead times.

Purchase orders

Convert RFQs to PO

Customize your pipeline by easily adding new stages and organize their sequence in your sales cycle using drag and drop.

Manage receipts

Get a clear overview of your opportunity pipeline. Set up specific stages for each sales team and work faster with the drag and drop interface.  Automatically archive lost opportunities.

Manage receipts

Automatically create draft receipts for confirmed purchase orders and track received items.

Approval workflows

Setup upto three levels of approval to confirm purchase orders.

Vendors and bills

Manage vendors & pricelists

Define vendors on products and manage vendor pricelists and minimum order quantities.

Record bills

Create vendor bills for received items in just one click.



Use pre-defined dashboards or use our advanced reporting engine to build your own.

Purchase analysis

Analyze your purchases to gain valuable insights and make smarter decisions.