Cloud MRP software

Lean manufacturing software for modern companies

AccelGrid lets you take control of your shop floor and helps you run your manufacturing operations efficiently.
mrp software

End-to-end MRP software

Gain complete visibility of work orders, inventory levels and production costs

Plan manufacturing orders based on resource availability using our intuitive production planning tool.

Accurately capture raw materials consumed and time spent by resources on work orders.

AccelGrid gives you real-time, end-to-end inventory visibility to help you plan manufacturing orders efficiently while eliminating blind spots.

MES (Manufacturing execution system)

Demand forecasting

Take the guess-work out of demand forecasting

Take advantage of AccelGrid’s cutting-edge demand forecasting tool. Using a combination of machine learning and battle-tested statistical models, we help you answer two critical questions to optimize your inventory performance – when and how much to reorder.

Inventory optimization

Lean manufacturing software

Smarter, leaner manufacturing

Get everything you need to run your shop floor efficiently.

Embedded quality control

Ensure manufactured products meet your quality demands by embedding configurable quality checkpoints on work orders.

save time

Just-in-time operations

AccelGrid supports JIT operations for products and semi-finished goods produced or procured based on demand.


Stock traceablility

Track every stock move through your entire supply chain using our smart double-entry inventory management software.


Simplify BoM management

Eliminate costly production mistakes with our easy to use BoM management tool that supports versioning, nesting and routing.


Routing via workcenters

Streamline production by routing work orders to specific workcenters and track progress in real-time.


Powerful reporting

Get full visibility of your manufacturing operations with our built-in intelligence and analytics tool.

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Switch to smart manufacturing with AccelGrid MRP

Replace multiple software using AccelGrid's seamlessly integrated system and manage all your core business processes in one place.

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