Sell anywhere, anytime using mobile POS

Easy to set up, intuitive cross-platform POS solution for distributors.
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Mobile POS

Mobile POS software

Meet the POS software built for mobility

Don’t let a spotty network hold your billing. AccelGrid POS constantly monitors connectivity and automatically switches to offline mode when a network disruption is detected. Transactions done in offline mode are automatically synced to the server once connectivity is available.

Enable your sales and delivery teams to record sales and invoices anywhere, anytime using our mobile POS. AccelGrid POS features a super intuitive interface that is optimized for touchscreens.

Product management software

Inventory management

Keep track of inventory effortlessly

Access and manage inventory across multiple warehouses with a centralized product catalog. Automatically track inventory for products sold through your POS channels to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

Inventory optimization

Maximize inventory performance

Achieve lean inventory using AccelGrid’s cutting-edge demand forecasting and inventory optimization that helps you prevent overstocking and understocking.

Inventory optimization


Drive growth with cloud POS software

order management

Sell effectively

Serve customers better by instantly viewing their buying preferences and frequently purchased products.


Scale efficiently

Quickly setup POS channels without the hassle of complex hardware integrations.


Sell faster

With a smart and intuitive interface, AccelGrid enables you to record transactions in just a few clicks.


Accept multiple payment methods

Accept payments via card, cash or let your wholesale customers pay later.


Manage pricelists

Easily create and assign custom pricelists for specific customers and run promotions.


Get instant insights

Make quicker, smarter decisions using real-time reporting across products, customers and more.

Explore more ways to use AccelGrid

AccelGrid is much more than a POS software

Replace multiple software using AccelGrid's seamlessly integrated system and manage all your core business processes in one place.