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Streamline and optimize your supply chain

Automate and streamline procurement with our cloud supply chain management software.
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Purchase management software

Supply chain optimization

Automate purchase requisitions

Easily set up automatic reordering rules for products and raw materials across multiple warehouses using replenishment methods based on your delivery or manufacturing strategies.

Automate purchase requisitions for non-stock items that are procured based on sales order confirmations. AccelGrid also suggests optimum reordering rules based on committed and forecasted demand to optimize your inventory performance.

Inventory forecasting

Streamline procurement

Efficiently manage your supply chain across multiple locations with AccelGrid SCM

Simplify vendor management

Easily manage vendors, purchase agreements, pricelists and lead times. Automatically update vendor prices based on the last purchase price.

user management

Enforce approval workflows

Control purchase orders using double validations, approval limits and workflows based on your business need.
Inventory push and pull flows

Easily manage drop-shipments

Managing drop-shipments with AccelGrid is simple and effective. You can even track drop-shipments directly from their respective sales orders.
Inventory optimization

Demand forecasting

Make data-driven purchase decisions

Our industry-leading demand forecasting tool takes the guesswork out of procurement and enables you to make well-informed supply chain decisions. Optimize your inventory and increase profitability while having sufficient inventory to meet service levels.

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