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Inventory management features

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and sales channels in one place with AccelGrid’s powerful double-entry inventory management system.


Delivery orders

Pick and ship orders easily with automated stock allocation and total inventory visibility.


Manage receipts from your suppliers and returns from your customers.


Pack items before shipping and automatically assign barcodes to packages for traceability.

Stock transfers

Record transfer of stock between warehouses or internal stock locations.

Scrap movements

Record scrap movements in just a few clicks and get detailed reports on cost, reason and quantities.

Double-entry inventory

Get complete visibility of stock moves right from the time they enter your warehouse all the way to shipments.


Manage all your warehouses in a centralized inventory management system.

Stock locations

Manage your internal stock locations including zones, rows, racks and shelves.


Easily manage backorders on receipts, shipments and transfers.

Cycle count / Adjustments

Easily perform cycle counts and record adjustments based on warehouse, location, product or category.


Drop shipping

Deliver products directly from your suppliers and track the shipment status manually.


Ship orders with little or no storage by transferring received items directly to packing zones.

Removal strategies

Setup removal strategies for products based on FIFO, LEFO and FEFO.


Configure your order fulfillment workflow to use one or multiple steps – picking, packing, shipping.

Push-pull routes

Automate stock transfers between warehouses or internal locations using push and pull rules.


Reordering rules

Automate procurement based on forecasted stock by setting up minimum stock rules. 

Make to order

Automate purchase requisitions or manufacturing orders for make to order items based on confirmed sales orders and/or demand.

Inventory optimization

Demand forecasting

Get accurate demand forecasts with machine-learning powered demand forecasting.

Reordering suggestions

Achieve lean inventory using smart reordering suggestions that lets you know when and how much to reorder.

Dynamic reordering rules

Automatically adapt your reordering rules to changing demand forecasts to eliminate overstocking and understocking.


Serial and batch tracking

Track products based on unique serial numbers or batch numbers to achieve total stock traceability.

Audit log

Automatically record changes made by users to product records.

Expiration dates

Get instant reports on items nearing expiry or have expired.

Product management

Product types

Categorize products into storable, consumable or services to determine whether you need them to be tracked.

Unit of measures

Sell and purchase products in multiple unit of measures and handle conversions automatically.


Define custom options and values for products such as colors, sizes etc.


Manage products and inventory across all your sales channels in one place.

Inventory valuation

Costing methods

AccelGrid supports FIFO, Average Cost (AVCO) and Standard Price for product costing methods.

Automated valuation

Automate inventory valuations for products and categories for accounting purposes.

Valuation methods

Use continental or Anglo-Saxon accounting to record cost of goods sold.

Landed costs

Get accurate inventory valuation by record landed costs on receipts and split costs based on multiple parameters including quantity, weight etc.



Use predefined dashboards or build your own with our advanced reporting engine.

Inventory forecast

Get forecasts based on confirmed sales orders, purchase orders or manufacturing orders as well as internal stock movement.

Traceability report

Analyze product movements from receipt to shipment and between warehouses and locations.

Inventory valuation

Get detailed report of inventory quantities and value in real-time or at a specific date.