CRM software for Distributors & manufacturers

Engage with prospects like a pro

Modern CRM software for distribution and manufacturing companies.

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Get the CRM that helps you close more deals

Improve sales performance using collaboration, automation and gamification.


Say goodbye to mundane activities using powerful automation tools including lead scoring, automatic lead assignation, email sequencing, and much more.

user management

Collaborate effectively

Enable sales reps to invite peers to follow opportunities. Keep followers updated with instant notifications and collaborate with them using real-time messaging.

Motivate your sales team

Leverage the power of gamification to motivate your sales team to sell more and keep their pipeline up to date. Effortlessly assign goals to your sales team and track them using leader boards.

Sales optimization SOFTWARE

Optimize your sales process

Configure AccelGrid to suit your sales process in just a few minutes. Our smart pipeline view gives your sales team complete visibility into scheduled activities and communications. Help your sales team focus on actions to convert more leads into revenue.

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Collaboration tools

Emailing and messaging

Track communications efficiently

Track all your communications with prospects and customers in one place. AccelGrid helps you track messages automatically and maintains a comprehensive timeline of events and actions against each opportunity.


Get instant performance insights

Make smart decisions for your sales team based on data. Get instant performance insights and forecasts across multiple pipelines using our real-time business intelligence and analytics  tool.

CRM Reporting

Explore more ways to use AccelGrid

AccelGrid is much more than a CRM software

Replace multiple software using AccelGrid's seamlessly integrated system and manage all your core business processes in one place.

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