Order management icon

Order Management Features

An order management system that helps you create stunning online quotes and streamline order processing. Manage orders from all your sales channels in one place and ship faster with our carrier integrations.


Quotation builder

Create and send professional online quotes with product details, images and company information.

Quotation template

Create quotation templates for frequently sold sets of products to save time.


Send proforma invoices to your customers.


Display optional products and services in quotes to maximize sales.


Enable customers to review and accept quotes online using e-signature.

Variants matrix

Add product variants to quotes with a matrix that displays all possible product configurations.

Manage pricelists

Create and manage advanced pricing rules and assign specific pricelists to customers.


Sales orders

Customize your pipeline by easily adding new stages and organize their sequence in your sales cycle using drag and drop.

Invoice orders

Get a clear overview of your opportunity pipeline. Set up specific stages for each sales team and work faster with the drag and drop interface.  Automatically archive lost opportunities.

Customer portal

Enable your customers to view quotes, orders, invoices and track delivery orders online.


Select and display incoterms on quotes, orders and invoices.

Sync orders from sales channels

Automatically sync orders from multiple sales channels including Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and more.


Track emails

Get a shared address book of contacts and companies.

Schedule activities

Setup custom email templates to deliver a consistent customer experience and save time.


Shipping cost

Automatically calculate shipping costs based on weight, volume quantity, margin, delivery address and more.

Carrier integrations

Connect AccelGrid with carriers and shipping aggregator to simplify shipping.


Orders analysis

Analyze sales data with rich filtering and grouping based on product category, customer, region and more.

Sales team performance

Define monthly sales targets for your sales team and get real-time performance insights.