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Key benefits for FMCG distributors

It is critical for FMCG distributors to maintain just the right amount of inventory to fulfill orders within the shortest lead time possible. However, the demand for FMCG can often be quite unpredictable, making it challenging for distributors to forecast inventory needs accurately. AccelGrid can help you optimize inventory through reliable demand forecasting and efficiently manage multiple sales channels in one place. Get the tools you need to manage and grow your FMCG distribution, including real-time visibility and control of core business functions.


Turn more leads into revenue

Efficiently track leads and opportunities across your sales pipeline. Get a 360° view of all communications and activities with our integrated CRM.


Track inventory accurately

Manage inventory across multiple warehouse locations and achieve total stock traceability with our smart inventory management system.

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Take your business online

Grow your business online using our wholesale B2B eCommerce platform that lets you setup your online shop in minutes.


Automate purchasing

AccelGrid helps you shorten your purchase lead time through smart reordering suggestions based on minimum stock rules and demand forecasts.


Simplify invoicing

Integrate AccelGrid with your favorite accounting software or use our full-featured accounting module to simplify bookkeeping.


Increase efficiency using automation

Drive operational efficiency using our in-built automation tool that lets you setup automated emails, actions and much more without writing a single line of code.

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Omni-channel Order Management

Seamless order processing

Effortlessly process orders across multiple sales channels including in-store, eCommerce, phone and email using one software. Drive customer satisfaction by allowing customers to help themselves using AccelGrid’s integrated customer portal.

Demand forecasting

Reliable forecasts

Always maintain the right amount of stock through accurate demand forecasting. AccelGrid offers out-of-the-box demand forecasting that helps you optimize inventory using proven statistical models.

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Mobile POS

Streamline direct store delivery

Make direct store delivery (DSD) operations efficient using AccelGrid’s mobile POS. Empower your drivers and delivery team to manage store deliveries, generate invoices, and manage inventory using a tablet. With the smart offline mode, your team can continue selling even when the network is spotty.

Why FMCG distributors around the world love AccelGrid

AccelGrid is the preferred all-in-one business management software for distributors.


Sign in and work from anywhere. Your data and reports are always available, secure, and up to date.

Multiple devices

Works on any device

AccelGrid works on Mac or PC using a web browser. Stay connected with your business on-the-go using our mobile apps.

24 Hours Support

Awesome support

We provide friendly 24/7 customer support to help you make the most of AccelGrid.


Built to scale

Focus on growing your business using a platform that is designed and built to grow with your business.

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Fully integrated

Eliminate data re-entry or complex 3rd party integrations using AccelGrid’s all-in-one solution .



Easily configure AccelGrid to suit your business needs. Or choose our enterprise plan for a custom solution.

Explore other features

Scale-up distribution with a fully integrated system

Replace multiple software using AccelGrid's seamlessly integrated system and manage all your core business processes in one place.