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AccelGrid helps distributors and manufacturers build dynamic reports without writing a single line of code.
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On-demand reporting tool

Stay connected with your business

Gain insights into every aspect of your business in real-time.

Make well-informed business decisions using powerful on-demand reporting. In addition to a number of standard reports. AccelGrid lets you interrogate data in real-time that help you make decisions backed by data.

AccelGrid gives each user the freedom to build their own personalized dashboard with reports and metrics that are important to their job role.

AccelGrid lets you visualize your data using a number of different views including graphs, lists and pivot tables.

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Actionable reports

Turn data into actionable insights

Uncover trends and make better decisions using our smart BI tool

Analyze trends

Gain valuable insights by comparing performance metrics over different periods and uncover hidden trends.


Drill-down into specifics

Effortlessly identify factors that affect business performance by visualizing data across multiple dimensions.


Export and share reports

Easily share BI reports that you’ve created with other team members or export them in XLS and PDF format.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! AccelGrid offers several reports out of the box that covers most of the common requirements your may have. Every module in AccelGrid has its own reporting view that focuses on a specific business function. For example, our sales reporting tool gives you instant insights into sales by product, by product category, by sales person, country and so on. However, you can also customize all of our standard reports to meet your specific needs.

No. Our zero-code reporting tool lets you interrogate and analyze data in real-time in multiple formats including graphs, pivot or a plain list view.

Yes, of course. You can export reports as images or as an excel spreadsheet.

Yes, you will be able to save any custom report you build in AccelGrid. You can also share your custom report with other users or even save it into your personal dashboard.

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