Inventory optimization software

A smarter way to optimize inventory

The intelligent supply chain and inventory optimization software that helps you maximize your inventory performance.
inventory optimization software

smart inventory planning software

Take the guesswork out of inventory planning

Eliminate stockouts, optimize inventory levels and maximize profits

Demand forecast

Get accurate inventory forecasts with our smart forecasting algorithm that identifies the right forecasting model based on historical trends.

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Reordering recommendations

AccelGrid automatically recommends reorder points on current stock levels, committed stock, forecasted demand and procurement lead time.

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Real-time monitoring

AccelGrid continuously monitors your inventory levels and lets you dynamically adjust your minimum stock rules to avoid understocking and overstocking.

Demand forecasting

Say goodbye to primitive forecasting methods

No more spreadsheets and calculations to forecast demand. AccelGrid lets you turn your data into actionable forecasts using time-tested statistical models and cutting-edge machine learning to deliver reliable forecasts.

Inventory optimization
Inventory forecasting

reordering recommendations

Put safety stock and reordering on auto-pilot

Demand isn’t constant. So, why should reordering rules be? AccelGrid helps your make dynamic adjustments to your safety stock and reordering rules to meet current and forecasted demand.

Optimize your entire supply chain

Improve lead times with automated procurement

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Multi-location support

AccelGrid lets you efficiently perform inventory demand forecasting across all your warehouse locations based on factors that are specific to each warehouse.

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Automated procurement

Save time by automating procurement process. AccelGrid automatically creates draft purchase and manufacturing orders based on lead times, safety stock and MOQs.


Just-in-time procurement

Eliminate overstocking and understocking and maximize inventory performance by replenishing only what you need and when you need it.

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Replace multiple software using AccelGrid's seamlessly integrated system and manage all your core business processes in one place.