Using Social Commerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

Using Social Commerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

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Brands are constantly expanding their reach and generating revenue from customers on social media platforms, and it’s likely to increase online sales by 22%. Since online platforms have become customers’ favorite way of shopping, maximizing the results calls for revamping of social commerce strategies. A well-designed social commerce strategy is critical for a brand’s marketing success.


A social commerce strategy must be well-planned and designed with the help of functional tools. It’s an obvious way of selling services and products on social media platforms while achieving a higher profit rate. So, if you don’t know how to use social commerce strategies to grow your business, we have some tips that can help!


Top 6 Social Commerce Strategies to Grow your Sales

1. What’s the Right Social Media Platform?

With multiple social media platforms available, it gets challenging to understand the right one for your business. For this reason, it’s essential to choose the social media channel that complements your products and services. Visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are suitable for brands that sell art, fashion items, or wedding decorations. On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook are suitable for brands selling tech gadgets. For instance, Nike uses Instagram to post high-resolution pictures of athletes and uses hashtags and filters to improve brand awareness. In essence, you must choose the platform where your audience likes to spend their time.


2. Deliver a Great Customer Service Experience

Research states that 67% of the consumers are looking for high-end customer services through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. So, when you offer a reliable customer service experience through social media platforms, it will be easier to create a loyal customer base and gain new customers. In addition, customers are likely to spend more on the brands that engage with customers through social media, making it a reliable way of boosting sales.


3. Creating High-Quality Content

It is important to deliver relevant, helpful, and valuable information. It would be best to share helpful posts with your followers as it’s an effective way of engaging with them and creating a loyal customer base. For example, Sony keeps sharing content about the latest PlayStation games while Coca-Cola shares footage of events on their Facebook page. In other words, it’s a great way of keeping your customers engaged for a more extended period that helps boost sales.


4. Collaborate with Influencers

The influencer market is continually expanding, and it’s the right time to collaborate with these influencers to bring in more sales. The drill is to identify the influencers of your related industry and reach out to them. When an influencer vouches for a brand, the audience perceives it as genuine and credible. Also, when an influencer talks about your brand, their followers will be ready to invest in your products and services, leading to higher sales and more conversion.

5. Leverage Analytics

Social media analytics is a reliable way of gaining practical insights into the brand’s page’s performance. In addition, it will help determine the success of your current campaign so that you can make essential adjustments. You will see which posts are getting more engagement and which content needs work. Also, the analytics related to customer behavior helps understand the customer journey and measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy.


6. Optimize the Checkout Process

Running an eCommerce business is all rainbows and butterflies until customers complain about the complicated checkout process. It is vital to simplify your checkout process by reducing the number of steps customers need to purchase. Modern customers want to purchase the product quickly when they like something rather than filling in the details on checkout pages. An optimized checkout motivates customers to purchase and repurchase from your website. Also, you can integrate different payment methods so that customers can select their preferred payment method.


The Bottom Line

A well-designed and business-oriented social commerce strategy sets you up for brand success and achieving the best outcomes from social media campaigns. Social media is a reliable and robust platform for extending the brand reach and engaging with the customers. It is a welcoming addition to your marketing strategy to put you up for success.

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