Business process automation software

Increase profitability with smart process automation

AccelGrid helps businesses increase efficiency and profitability by automating processes and repetitive tasks.
crm software

Automate repetitive tasks

With AccelGrid, we promise you'll have more time to focus on growing your business.

user management

Payment follow-ups

Ensure healthy cash-flow by getting paid on time. Automate payment follow-ups using smart follow-up rules.
Inventory push and pull flows

Eliminate data re-entry

Automatically sync invoices and payments with your accounting software, manage products and stock across all your sales channels in one place, and much more.


Bank feeds

Sync bank statements into AccelGrid automatically and reconcile them using our smart matching algorithm.

Stock replenishment

Eliminate stock-outs using smart reordering rules that lets you automate procurement generation.

Stock reservation

Stock reservation

Improve fulfillment lead time and accuracy by automatically generating pick lists and reserving stock upon order confirmations.

Reminders & notifications

Schedule activities and reminders across any document in AccelGrid and receive automatic email and in-app notifications.

Powerful integrations

Integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools

Shopify integration


woocommerce integration


Shopify integration

Shopify Plus

opencart inventory software




quickbooks inventory software


Xero integration


Fedex integration


Explore other features

Fully integrated business automation software

Replace multiple software using AccelGrid's seamlessly integrated system and manage all your core business processes in one place.

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