5 Ways to motivate your sales team to use CRM

5 Ways to motivate your sales team to use CRM


You already know that CRM software works and can help your sales team close deals. However, you notice that your salespeople keep reverting to their old methods. Here are some suggestions to increase your sales team’s use of CRM.

Configure the CRM to suit your sales process

One of the big reasons your sales team may not be using the software is that it doesn’t match your sales process. Fortunately, most modern CRM software will let you configure pipeline stages, activities, and email templates to match your needs. Setting up the CRM software to mirror your sales cycle and general business processes promote a sense of familiarity and thereby increases engagement.

Educate your sales team

To think that CRM software is functional from day one is a common mistake that many organizations make. The first couple of days is when you should configure the CRM, train your team, and migrate data. Training your team is vital to ensuring that they can see the benefits, which may include automating tasks, reminders, and tracking leads. The trick here is to educate your sales team to view the CRM system as a tool that will work “for” them.

Invest in a CRM that simplifies your sales team’s job

Choosing the right CRM, to begin with, is the first step to help your sales team close deals effectively. It is good to get your team’s buy-in on the CRM before purchasing or subscribing. Investing in a CRM software that can automate mundane tasks and your sales reps to save time will significantly increase acceptance.

Choose a mobile compatible CRM

While you’re choosing the right CRM for your company, it’s essential to consider how your salespeople work. Many members of your sales team likely go offsite to visit with clients, run demos, and support the selling process. If the only way they can use the CRM is at the office, it takes up more of their time, and they are less likely to do it. Instead, find a CRM that works on mobile devices. This option allows your sales team to access data on the go and at the office, all while keeping the data secure.

Gamify achievements

CRM gamification lets you motivate your sales team by leveraging their natural desires for competition, achievement, and socializing. For example, you could set up leaderboards based on weekly or monthly sales achievements and grant virtual badges for top-performers.

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